I have used this now for a few years and love it. My sister was with me on a weekend getaway and was suffering badly from a urinary tract infection, I offered her the UTI E-drops…it worked for her right away…I hope this natural medication will be around for a long time. – R.G.



UTI-E Drops

“I began taking Maca Energy two years ago…I noticed more energy both physically and mentally. I increased my dose…and noticed an increase in my libido as well.” – HG

ULTIMATE Maca Energy (130 ml)



Maca Energy Platinum XP

12 week old puppy eats as much chicken and goat poop as she does puppy food. Fecal test shows no parasites. THANK YOU Diatomaceous Earth!!!-PB

Diatomaceous Earth

After taking Ultimate Maca Energy, menopause is not so bad. My moods are better – I have warm flashed once in a while but they are much more tolerable. D.F

ULTIMATE Maca Energy (130 ml)


Ultimate Maca Energy

I was having a lot of episodes of AFib. Three ecg’s later. It was discovered my A-fib episodes were actual heart attacks. I was called into the doctor’s office to receive news that I have ischemic of the heart. That explained why I was so tired… I couldn’t walk my dog to the end of my driveway…I was put on high alert. Was instructed to call 911 if I had any pain uneasy feeling. I was to be airlifted to Vancouver. It was then I heard about Strauss Heart Drops. After 3 days I had more energy my color went from grey to pink. I could walk my driveway without stopping to catch my breath. I started walking to the mall daily within a week of being on Strauss Heart Drops. My cardiologist has told me that my heart is healing itself. I now take it daily and it never seizes to amaze me how every day I feel so much better. Made such a big difference my husband swears by it and takes daily..THANK YOU – KP

Strauss Heart Drops

There are so many quack products out there, companies playing on peoples fears and needs… and I hope yours is not one of them… but be it psychosomatic, or a legitimate response in my brain to Rhoziva, it worked, I have hope that I can make it through the next 5 or 6 years till I can retire and give winter the boot. Thank you… I hope ethically and morally you continue to produce a quality product because for me… it probably saved my life.” -RM


For many years I have suffered terribly from S.A.D. I have used light therapy for some years and anti depressants in the winter with moderate results. I live in Northern Ontario. Rhoziva has saved my life. I started taking it in September, my Doctor was concerned for my well being that I had chosen not to use antidepressants… (his official diagnosis years ago was that I move to Arizona !) November came and went… December… it is now March… and we had a horrendous winter… I did have to up my dose to three a day a few weeks ago… but no depression. I hate winter… but I wasn’t depressed, first time in twenty + years.