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Samuraw Nutrition Explainer

When it comes to your children, you need to trust what you are giving them for a multivitamin. Ditch the artificial dyes, fillers, and quite honestly…the CRAP in most children’s vitamins and head to Homegrown and ask for SAMURAW. Let Pebbles and Bamm Bamm play with rocks and eat dirt and fake colours, but your…


Improve Your Vision

Improve your VISION today and reduce your risk of CATARACTS and MACULAR DEGENERATION! TOTAL VISION CARE was launched on the Wellness With Kim show many years ago, and has changed lives. Come see the staff at Homegrown Health and Wellness. They have more than 23 years of training and experience. Find out why TOTAL VISION…


Welcome To Our New Website

Thank you everyone for stopping by. We are very excited to announce our new website, and not only that, new podcasts and more, featuring Wellness With Kim. Our friends at Design39Media are assisting us with not only our new website, but getting our content & product knowledge out to the masses. We kindly invite you…