Kori Ainsworth, Owner

With a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Kori’s career has ranged from nutritional research, quality control and business development. As a nutritional consultant and personal trainer, Kori has a passion to educate on the importance of proper nutrition, fitness and natural health. She is an experienced public speaker, and her passion for wellness motivates others. When the opportunity presented itself to partner with this awesome team, she knew Homegrown Health and Wellness would be a huge success!

Carrie Nydam, Wellness Consultant and Weight Management Expert

Carrie Nydam has been actively involved in the world of natural health since 1993. She has a true passion for helping people and has an incredible ability to lift anyone’s spirit with her infectious positive personality. As a Weight Management and Wellness Consultant, with 13 + years at Weight Watcher’s, Carrie takes a genuine interest in customer’s health and weight loss goals and encourages them to learn about the options we offer. Carrie is also a devoted wife and mother to two amazing children and extends her passion for natural health into their home life as well.

Gisele Bourdeau, Wellness Consultant

Gisele’s keen interest in natural health began many years ago when she wanted to learn more about optimizing her own health as well as her daughter’s, to avoid a family history of serious health issues. This interest has drawn her to continuous extensive research and regular consulting with Naturopathic doctors. Gisele is quite passionate about helping people to live a healthier, holistic lifestyle by making informed choices.

Sandy Ewing, Wellness Consultant

Sandy’s connection with nature began at a young age, when she would trail her grandmother through local forests, helping her collect herbs to add to the evening’s meal. Since those days, her interest in herbs and their powerful healing properties has grown into a lifestyle and a passion for helping others connect with themselves and nature.

Sandy has studied the healing properties of plants and various holistic healing modalities for over 30 years. She is an accredited Foot Reflexology Practitioner (Ontario College of Reflexology), an Associate Pranic Healer (Ontario Pranic Healing Centre, Pranic Healing USA) certified Holistic Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner (Awakenings Institute, California). After years of study, Sandy was able to do what many only dream of – she turned her passion into her life’s work.

Julie Jacobs, Wellness Consultant

Julie’s passion for holistic wellness and nutrition began at an early age. Her family’s health has always been a top priority and alternative natural solutions to support a healthy lifestyle.

Her compassionate nature and extensive experience in customer service makes her a welcome addition to the Homegrown team.