Oregano-8 Cold and Flu

When taken at the first sign of symptoms, Oregano-8’s synergistic blend of 8 powerful immune boosters, is fast and effective for fighting symptoms of colds and flu. It contains 40 mg of oil of oregano, known for its strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The power of oil of oregano is multiplied through the combination of garlic, goldenseal, elderberry, vitamin C, zinc, cayenne and grape seed extract.


Cold Storm

COLDSTORM® can be used in a variety of ways. Take it daily during the fall and winter and during times of seasonal change to avoid colds. Take it at the first sign of a cold or when you are feeling run down to catch it quickly. COLDSTORM® can also be taken daily for immune support.

Once a cold sets in, taking COLDSTORM® can still help with fast relief of a sore throat, coughs and sinus symptoms as well as reduce the duration of your cold dramatically. For sore throats, let the drops trickle down the back of the throat to coat and soothe the affected area. You’ll be surprised how fast the pain goes away.

Cathy’s Kombucha

Anytime is Kombucha time with Cathy’s Kombucha! Cathy developed this special kombucha after her father’s struggle with bladder cancer.

Her passion continues to be sparked by your stories and loyalty. She believes if it’s not something that would have been good enough for her Dad, it’s not good enough for you!

Cathy’s Kombucha is sold exclusively in Chatham-Kent at Homegrown Health and Wellness.